Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale

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Junk Removal Hauling Services for Home Office Estate Cleanout in Cupertino, CA
Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale

Looking for a cheap junk removal company near Cupertino, CA? Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale: Offering the cheapest junk removal & furniture removal cleanouts recycling around Cupertino, CA. Call us for free estimates or complete our online form.

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is a Cupertino, CA based junk removal service that proudly serves Our junk removal Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale experts strive to provide top-quality service during clear outs and clean ups. Plus, professionalism is a priority—you’ll be impressed by our clean, friendly employees. Finally, our simple, flat rate fee makes it easy to understand exactly what you will pay so there will never be any surprises. Our rubbish removal Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale experts look forward to helping you get rid of some of the clutter in your life!

Is your home or business cluttered with unwanted trash, appliances, or other debris? Get rid of junk with Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale. Our junk removal experts can quickly and effectively remove junk from your property, causing no stress and leaving no mess. Plus, your junk won’t sit in a landfill. We’re different from other junk haulers because we’ll donate, repurpose, or recycle your unwanted items.

Clear your property of clutter today with our hassle-free services. We offer free junk removal estimates in Cupertino, CA and areas nearby. Contact us today to schedule yours!

Big to small, we lug it all

Whether you are cleaning out the basement, bathroom, or boardroom, we get rid of junk. Items we take include:

  • Leaf & yard
  • Debris
  • Masonry
  • Products
  • Shingles
  • Tiles
  • Computers
  • Carpets
  • Rubbish
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Tires
  • TVs
  • Logs

How our junk removal works

  • Schedule a free estimate: Looking for the best junk collection services? Give us a call. Once you get in contact with one of our agents, they can help you schedule a free junk removal estimate.
  • Worry-free appointments: When scheduling your estimate, we’ll agree on a two-hour appointment window. Our experts will show up on time, guaranteed!
  • Reliable service agreements: Once our team arrives, they will assess the items you want removed and provide a guaranteed estimate.
  • Junk collection: Once you’re ready to get rid of junk, you can relax as our team removes your items quickly and safely.
  • Donate & recycle: After we remove your unwanted items, we get right to work finding them a new home – sorting through what can be donated, upcycled, or recycled.


Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale accepts almost everything across Cupertino, CA

Aside from some hazardous materials, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale can help with almost every furniture and junk removal project. Browse our complete list of acceptable junk, furniture, appliances, office furniture, and more, below! We offer free estimates throughout Cupertino, CA, and the surrounding areas.

  • Furniture- Beds, bed frames, couches, dressers, cabinets, bookcases, armoires, tables & chairs, and more!
  • Appliances- Refrigerators, freezers, TV’s & E-waste recycling, washers & dryers
  • Mattresses
  • Carpets
  • Pianos
  • Household rubbish
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Attic & basement cleanouts
  • Full estate cleanouts
  • Brownstones
  • Curbside Pickups
  • Office Items Removal
  • Get Rid of Office Items in Cupertino, CA
  • Desks & cubicles
  • Chairs & furniture
  • Filing cabinets
  • Conference Room Tables
  • Countertops
  • Shelving & storage
  • Files & records
  • Computers, monitors, & E-Waste
  • Printers & scanners
  • Copy & fax machines
  • Paper shredders
  • Projection equipment & TV’s
  • Commercial Property Items Removal
  • Get Rid of Commercial Junk in Cupertino, CA
  • Foreclosure cleanouts
  • Property management companies- tenant cleanouts & more
  • Liquidation and Decommission
  • Restoration & renovation projects- construction & masonry cleanouts
  • Retail spaces
  • Corporate office spaces
  • Hotels
  • Gyms & fitness centers
  • Banks & credit unions
  • Yard Waste & Debris Removal
  • Get Rid of Yard Waste in Cupertino, CA
  • Yard & leaf debris
  • Fences & decks
  • Tires
  • Stumps & logs
  • Gravel
  • Dirt & soil
  • Shingles & tiles

Appliance Removal in Cupertino, CA

We offer appliance removal for refrigerators, ovens, TV’s & more!

Removing an old appliance in Cupertino, CA can be challenging because of the many restrictions the city has imposed. Luckily, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is here to help. Whether you’re upgrading an old refrigerator, dishwasher, television, or washer machine, our appliance removal process is easy and eco-friendly.

Contact us today and schedule a free appliance recycling estimate – we proudly serve Cupertino, CA.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

From complicated Cupertino, CA rules to ever-growing landfills, there’s a lot to consider when removing an unwanted appliance. Not only will our licensed junk haulers work quickly and efficiently, but they’ll also focus on donating your old appliance if it is still in working condition. We can accept and haul:

  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves & Ovens
  • Freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Air Conditioners
  • Most Kitchen Appliances
  • And more!
  • Our appliance removal services

From stoves to dishwashers, nothing lasts forever – eventually, appliances like these will need to be replaced. Luckily, upgrading those appliances has never been easier. Just leave the removal to Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale. Our process is easy, safe, and eco-friendly.

After you’ve disconnected your old appliance from any gas, water, or electrical lines, we can remove it. We’ll then decide whether to donate or recycle your old appliance, keeping it out of landfills and creating a better environment overall.

Eco-friendly appliance recycling in Cupertino, CA

Keeping the community clean and keeping reusable junk out of landfills is an important part of Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale mission. Appliances such as fridges, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, and more need to be properly disassembled before being tossed out because they can be harmful to our ecosystems if mishandled. Once the materials in appliances are broken down properly, they go on to be sold for parts, reused in other machinery, or disposed of further.

At Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale, our luggers work diligently to carefully remove your unwanted appliances and recycle them, when possible, donate when we can’t, and dismantle them properly to keep our local community a safe place. Take a look at the top recyclable items:

  • Televisions
  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Washing Machines
  • Computers

Attic Cleanout in Cupertino, CA

When it’s time for a good clean out of your home’s storage space, you can count on Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale to do all the heavy lifting. We are the experts in attic, basement, and full house cleanout junk removal. We also provide free attic and basement cleanout estimates before we start hauling any of your unwanted items.

Our professional luggers are ready to take as many trips needed up and down those stairs so you don’t have to. From Brownstone Basement to the Fourth floor we cover it all. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Cupertino, CA

Tips on how to organize your attic

Your attic can accumulate as much junk as your basement or even your garage, so it’s important to get it organized after a cleanout. Attics can be tricky to access if they are cluttered and unorganized, potentially leading to problems if a professional cannot access them. Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale offers eco-friendly attic cleanout services, including furniture and junk removal.

Do you want your attic to stay clean and organized longer? Use these easy-to-follow tips to get started on organizing your attic:

Attic storage tips

Take the first step

  • Start by coming up with a layout for your ideal attic storage space. Homeowners often leave out the attic when buying furniture, but buying items like shelves, bookcases, and even tables goes a long way in the organization process.
  • Sort your items
  • Remove everything you’re not keeping and create designated spaces for items you’re keeping.
  • Utilize easy storage solutions
  • Use everyday items like storage bins, hooks, and even hangers to hang things from the ceiling. Stack bins to keep rodents out and keep your items neat. Use a label maker and clear bins to make finding your stuff easy when you need it.
  • Hire an organization company or install attic storage solutions
  • Once you have your attic the way you want it, keep it that way.

Curbside Pickup & Donation Pickup In Cupertino, CA

You put it curbside, we haul it away in Cupertino, CA

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale removes items from your curb at a discount! It’s easy – just leave your items at the curb and we do the rest!

As always, we do our best to give your items a second chance at life and will send you a tax-deductible receipt for everything we are able to donate. Book Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale now for convenient, efficient curbside pickup! Learn more about how it works below.

How curbside pickup works with Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale

  • Our experienced junk removal specialists in Cupertino, CA are here to remove your unwanted items from outside your home at an impressive discount.
  • Bring your items to the curb before 8 AM on the scheduled pickup day. For many of our customers, it may be easier to bring items out the day before.
  • *To receive the Curbside Discount, all items must be at the curb.
  • Our luggers will provide a free estimate once they arrive onsite. With your approval, they will proceed with lugging your items away.
  • As you may not be home or available to come outside at the time of pickup, we do require a credit card to be on file to charge once all the items are loaded on our truck.
  • We always do our best to donate or recycle your items and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt within 14 business days. As weather may become a factor, protecting your items from the elements with a tarp will greatly increase the odds of them being accepted by a local donation center. Our junk removal professionals will fold up the tarp up and securely place it by your door unless you provide us with other instructions.
  • In order to qualify for curbside pickup, all items must be curbside before 8 AM on your scheduled pickup day. We are not able to take hazardous materials. A credit card must be on file if you are not onsite at the time of pickup.

Dumpster Rental Alternative In Cupertino, CA

If you’d like to avoid having a large, unsightly dumpster parked on your property, let Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale  help with our efficient, eco-friendly furniture & junk removal alternative. Say goodbye to days of waiting for your dumpster to arrive, expensive dumpster fees, blocked parking spaces, and stressful trips to the landfill. Our team is fully insured and trained to navigate your apartment or home carefully, and we even offer same and next-day appointments.

Our friendly luggers provide eco-friendly furniture, appliance, yard debris removal, and more. We’re here to make your demo, renovation, yard cleanup, basement cleanout, and downsizing projects run smoothly. Stop dealing with dumpsters, and start dealing with fast, efficient junk removal! Contact us today for a free estimate in in Cupertino, CA!


Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is proud to offer estate cleanout services in Cupertino, CA and the surrounding areas. We carefully remove, recycle, or dispose of any items you no longer want, and aim to donate what we can on your behalf. For any items accepted at a donation center or nonprofit in the network, we provide a tax-deductible receipt within 2 weeks of the completed job.

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale offers no-obligation estimates upfront and promises clear communication about your estate cleanout every step of the way. Contact us today and schedule your free estate cleanout estimate in Cupertino, CA!


We offer sofa recycling, mattress removal, & more!

Furniture Removal in Cupertino, CA

Have an old sofa, mattress, or desk taking up space in your Cupertino, CA apartment, brownstone, or residential home? Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is your trusted furniture removal company. Our junk removal experts do more than quickly declutter your home, they recycle, upcycle, or donate what they can – helping you and the environment! We provide a tax-deductible receipt within 2 weeks of the appointment for any items accepted on your behalf at a nonprofit in our network.

Professional Garage Cleanout & Junk Removal In Cupertino, CA

Professional Garage Cleanout & Junk Removal in Cupertino, CA & Nearby

When it comes to home organization, your garage can often be the last spot to tackle. Over the years you may have accumulated a junk collection of old furniture, toys, and household items that are taking up a ton of precious space, making it feel overwhelming to sort through it all.

With Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale, you won’t need to go it alone. Our team provides full-service junk removal and cleanout with a 100% eco-friendly guarantee. Don’t stress over volume, waste, or forgotten items on your own. Give us a call today to schedule a free junk removal estimate, and get started on your way to a brand-new garage.

We can remove most items from your garage!

Whether you’re renovating, decluttering, or just need to get rid of a few pieces of furniture, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is standing by. We haul your furniture, making space for the new and clearing out the old, including:

  • Paint
  • Tools
  • Lumber
  • Bookshelves
  • Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Shelving
  • Lawnmowers
  • Bicycles
  • Sports Equipment
  • Yard Tools
  • Old Furniture and More

Experience the difference of a clean garage in Mountain View, CA, nearby in Cupertino, CA

Professional Garage Cleanout & Junk Removal in Cupertino, CA & Nearby

If you’ve been coming home to a garage full of furniture & junk for years, imagine the relief you’ll feel once everything is decluttered, sorted, and removed. You’ll be able to see your floors again, do a deep clean, and make room for important items. Plus, with our eco-friendly approach, you can feel good about where your junk is going.

Our team sorts through your items and recycles, repurposes, or donates everything we can to keep reusable junk out of landfills. Within 14 days, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for any items we were able to donate on your behalf in our non-profit network. Stressing about the type of junk you have in your garage? We do it all. Our reliable team is here to take away furniture, appliances, carpets, clothing, e-waste, and more. Sit back and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Hoarding Clean Up Services In Cupertino, CA

Eco-friendly cleanout services for hoarding in apartments and homes throughout Cupertino, CA

While we all experience clutter, accumulation, and disorganization in our homes from time to time, there comes a point when you may need help to declutter your space, particularly for folks who are dealing with hoarding problems. Hoarding can overwhelm both the hoarder and their loved ones, but Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is here to help. Our team has years of experience offering hoarding cleanup services in Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale that provide efficient and sensitive assistance for those struggling with over accumulation.

If you’re ready to take the next step, allow our team to assist you. We can help by sorting through items and safely removing what you no longer need while focusing on keeping items out of the landfill through donating reuse, and recycling. Contact Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale, your local junk hauler for a free hoarding clean-up estimate today and watch your space transform.

What is Hoarding? You’re not alone!

Eco-friendly Hoarding Cleanup Services in Cupertino, CA

If you think you may be struggling with a hoarding situation, our luggers can help. Often, folks who hoard have a difficult time differentiating between items they’d like to keep and those they no longer need. They may be holding onto possessions for sentimental or aesthetic value, or they may be worried about their items ending up in landfills. Our eco-friendly approach lets you rest easy knowing that your possessions will be recycled, repurposed, or donated to those in need whenever possible.


We offer computer removal, IT equipment removal & more!

When it comes to disposing of unwanted TVs, computers, printers, monitors, and other electronics, it is important to consider their impact on the environment. Luckily, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale  offers e-waste recycling services that not only clear your home of clutter, but also assure your electronics are safely recycled, upcycled, or donated.

What is considered e-waste?

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale makes recycling unwanted electronics simple. We show up with the truck, load everything in, and carry it all away to a local recycling center. We will aim to donate all items in good working condition to a local organization in need, including:

  • Discarded computers and server racks
  • Old printers (laser and inkjet)
  • DVD players
  • VCRs, DVRs, and more
  • Video game systems
  • IT equipment
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions & computer monitors and more!

Why should I recycle my e-waste?

All your old computers, cell phones, and video game systems are made from valuable and limited resources. These rare metals, plastics, and glass require energy to manufacture and release greenhouse gasses when sent to landfills.

Cupertino, CA requires Proper e-waste recycling in residential properties. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves our limited resources, and reduces the overall environmental impact of processing new materials.

Eco-Friendly Mattress Removal In Cupertino, CA

Upgrading your bedding is exciting, but dealing with mattress disposal isn’t- until now! Mattresses are heavy, unwieldy, and end up in landfills way too often. Together, we can work to reverse the cycle by getting rid of your old mattress responsibly and helping your community at the same time.

With the help of Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale , you won’t have to worry about what happens to your old mattress because we recycle and donate as many as we can. Contact your local junk haulers today to get a free mattress removal estimate.

Eco-Friendly Mattress Removal in Cupertino, CA

When we haul away your mattress, we make every effort to recycle or repurpose as much as possible, so that you can rest assured your unwanted items are going to the right place. It’s a win-win for both you and the environment.

Our friendly and professional team is dedicated to taking the stress out of your junk and furniture removal process. We do all the heavy lifting each step of the way; from hauling to transporting, to recycling.


Get rid of hot tubs, swing sets, & other yard debris in the Bronx, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale, Cupertino, CA , & nearby

Old Fence Removal by Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale

A yard free of clutter will boost curb appeal, create additional living space or room for outdoor activities, and even increase the value of your property. Luckily, your local leaders in sustainable junk removal are here to help. We offer free yard waste removal estimates in Cupertino, CA

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale ‘s large junk removal trucks and professional team come prepared to remove a broad range of unwanted items from your yard. Get your FREE, no-obligation estimate for yard waste removal today when you call Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale !

Ready to say farewell to the old hot tub, swing set, damaged fencing, fallen tree branches, and anything else preventing your backyard from becoming your afternoon oasis? Get in touch with Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale for your free yard waste removal estimate. The best part? We recycle, donate, and sustainably dispose of as many items as we can. We are ready to remove your unwanted items in Cupertino, CA!

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale lugs away a broad range of yard debris, including:

  • Yard & leaf debris
  • Fences & decks
  • Tree trimmings
  • Stumps & branches
  • Tires
  • Shingles & tiles
  • Gravel
  • Dirt & soil
  • Swing sets
  • Grills & barbecues
  • Small sheds

Renovation Project Material & Junk Removal In Cupertino, CA

Let us help with junk hauling for your construction job

Construction Site Material Removal in Cupertino, CA

Are you in the business of new constructions, reconstructions, remodeling, redecorating, or demolition?

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is here to help. Let our team help maximize your profits by saving you time, labor, and money!

Our junk removal trucks & team

Due to the weight limits on our trucks, heavy construction debris is handled and priced differently. We generally limit loads to the entire bed of the truck stacked one foot high. Here are some examples of what we consider dense construction debris:

  • Masonry products
  • Bricks
  • Bathtubs
  • Gravel, dirt, and soil
  • Sinks
  • Concrete
  • Shingles & tiles
  • Large tree stumps & logs


Office Junk Removal in Cupertino, CA

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale provides quick and efficient office cleanouts for corporate spaces across Cupertino, CA. Our professional luggers are thoroughly trained to navigate steep stairwells, tight spaces, and plenty of other corporate landscapes unique to Cupertino, CA. From large office furniture to bulky printers and scanners, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale lugs it all!

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale is committed to donating as many of your items as possible to our network of local charities. You’ll even receive a tax-deductible receipt for everything we’re able to donate. The rest is recycled or responsibly disposed of. Schedule a free estimate for your office cleanout, commercial junk removal, or office junk removal in Cupertino, CA! We arrive on time, guaranteed, and even offer same-day appointments!

Let Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale handle your Cupertino, CA office furniture removal job

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale honors our Green Guarantees, ensuring on-time arrival, price assurance, a donation receipt for any donated items, and 100% satisfaction for every customer. We remove a broad range of commercial items, like retail supplies, hotel furniture, medical equipment, and more.

Whether you’re moving to a new office in Cupertino, CA, downsizing, or changing your course, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale helps by providing trusted, efficient removal of your office items.

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale removes office items including:

  • Countertops
  • Desks
  • Monitor screens
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Cubicles
  • Shelves and storage
  • Office chairs & furniture
  • Fixtures And more!


School Junk Removal in Cupertino, CA

We remove old school furniture, equipment, & materials

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale honors our local educators. We’re proud to serve Cupertino, CA schools, daycares, nursery schools, colleges, and other educational facilities with trusted, efficient commercial junk removal services. Whether your school is upgrading equipment, or needs materials lugged away for a total school renovation in Cupertino, CA, Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale can help.

Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale, just like our valued educators, aims to forge a brighter tomorrow in our Cupertino, CA community. We donate and recycle as many unwanted items as possible, providing you with a tax-deductible receipt for everything we’re able to donate. Schedule your free estimate for commercial junk removal for schools, hospitals, offices, and more- today!

Cupertino, CA commercial furniture removal company

We want our Cupertino, CA educators to be proud of the facilities they work in. We clean out old furniture, equipment, supplies, documents, office items, and so much more from local schools. Schedule a free estimate with our friendly and professional luggers today!

Items we take in Cupertino, CA

  • School furniture- Desks, chairs, bookshelves, cafeteria seating, commercial storage pieces
  • Supplies- Books, gymnasium items, paper products, curriculum supplies
  • E-waste- Computers, TV’s, projectors, microscopes, science equipment, etc
  • Construction materials- We can clear away items to prepare for your renovation, or clean out the premises post-renovation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your junk removal prices?

We charge for our junk removal services based on how much space fills up the truck. Our trucks are the equivalent of a 15-yard dumpster (or items that fill a small bedroom). Our pricing includes the labor, time, and dump fees involved. We always provide a free estimate on-site before beginning a junk removal with no hidden fees. Your price will never be higher than your on-site estimate with the exception of special circumstances as detailed below.

Please read below for special circumstances surrounding particular items. Surcharges apply.

  • Heavy construction material: Take note that we can load our trucks with heavy construction/dense material to a maximum depth of one foot. Examples of heavy construction/dense materials include masonry products, gravel, concrete, brick, soil/dirt, tiles, and shingles.
  • Labor and moving with no removal services: Many customers request additional help, such as deconstructing furniture, bagging items, and carpet removal. Any substantial extra labor not requested and NOT INCLUDED IN THE INITIAL ESTIMATE will be billed at an hourly rate. If the task is minor, such as asking for help moving a table from one spot to another after the junk removal tasks are complete, our luggers are happy to provide assistance. If not minor and not discussed beforehand, there will be a charge.
  • *Surcharges for “non-standard items” may apply, so be sure to identify any heavy, bulky, complex items during the free estimate process.

Why can’t you give me an exact price before you arrive?

Since junk comes in all shapes and sizes, we cannot give an accurate estimate until we see the items on-site. Pricing is based on the nature and volume of the material. We are able to review a general range of pricing with you over the phone and upon arrival, we can give you a very close estimate as to how much it will cost. You will never pay more than your on-site estimate if you clearly identified all items that need to be hauled away.

Do you provide a free estimate for your services?

Yes, our estimates are always free. Once we arrive at the project site, we will be able to provide you with a final on-site estimate.

What if I have more items when you arrive than I did when I called?

That’s okay! Although we provide a rough price range over the phone, we will be able to provide a final on-site estimate once we arrive at your home so you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

What are the pros to hiring Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale instead of renting a dumpster?

When you go with Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale, we take care of everything so that you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about organizing or allocating any junk – just point out what you need to be removed and we take it from there. Save time and energy by letting us do the recycling and donating, and reduce the safety risks of hauling large, bulky pieces by letting the pros handle it.

Do you offer junk removal after demolition?

Yes, we are able to offer many types of junk removal including commercial construction site cleanups, home demolition cleanups, and more.

Do you offer junk removal after demolition?

Yes, we are able to offer many types of junk removal including commercial construction site cleanups, home demolition cleanups, and more.

What is junk removal?

When you have bags or boxes of clutter, bulky furniture, or other items you no longer need, you call a junk removal company like Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale! We come to your home and remove the things you no longer want or need. From there we donate your belongings to local charities or other facilities to ensure that they are properly disposed of or donated.

What do you do after you haul away my items?

At our customers’ request, we donate items to local charities and recycle the items that cannot be donated. We work hard to keep items out of landfills and are happy to provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for donations within 14 days. For unique cases where your belongings cannot be donated or recycled, they are taken to the town transfer station.

Are there any items that cannot be donated or thrown out?

Though we strive to take everything we can, there are some items we are unable to remove. We cannot take hazardous materials, including:

  • Paint
  • Chemicals, Solvents, Oils
  • Asbestos
  • Oil Drum (unless it is empty with the bottom and top cut out)
  • Oil Tanks

These items are particularly hazardous and can contaminate septic tanks, cause injury to sanitation workers, or leak into the ground. Many cities have specific guidelines or extra fees in place that need to be followed for proper disposal. We suggest you check on the latest requirements in your town or city.

Is Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale junk removal eco-friendly?

Our business was founded with an eco-friendly mission: Enhance Lives, Our Community, and the Environment by Donating, Recycling, and Supporting Local Charities. We do our best to donate items to local charities and responsibly dispose of everything we’re unable to donate.

Do you offer junk removal for seniors?

We do! We provide our services for seniors downsizing their homes, decluttering, or moving to a new community. Our junk removal services are safe and efficient and our luggers exercise care and sensitivity with belongings that have been loved and used for decades.

Do you offer junk removal for hoarders?

Yes. Our luggers are experienced professionals that are able to navigate many different situations, including help for hoarders. You won’t have to worry about a thing when you go with Aone Junk Removal Sunnyvale. All luggers are professional and fully insured.

Junk Removal COSTS

Junk removal costs $233 on average with a typical range between $133 and $361. A full truckload runs $400 to $800. The minimum for a single item costs between $60 and $150. Each additional item runs $20 to $40 each. Removing construction debris, gravel or dirt runs $100 to $600 per truckload. Dumpster rentals range from $300 to $600 per week.


$60-$200 (plus $20 for each additional)

Furniture & Mattresses


Yard Waste



$5-$15 each



Hot Tub


Construction Debris



Average Cost to Haul Away Junk

It’ll cost anywhere from $60 to $800 to haul away junk. Most people spend $200 to $300. Since companies charge a minimum of $60 to $150 with each additional item only tacking on $20 to $40, it’s cheapest to clean out the whole house at once. Most pros offer bulk pricing by the truckload, but a few itemize the load.

Truck Load

Volume in cubic yards

Avg. Cost


up to 0.5